Lama House — Secrets of the Earth

Perhaps, this is the first time I’m writing as I sit beside my grand mum. The song on the speaker is the one from Game of Thrones.

She sweetly complains [in newari], “What’s that song saying anyway [tries imitating the music] ? Is the song even good at all? We’ve good music here than the ones made in America. [laughs]”. Followed by a subtle, out-of-the-bloom inquiry, “Where’s your girlfriend from? [haha]”

I really love her company and her genuine curiosity and love for life and her toothless smile and her weird, self-made, profane songs.

Well, it is just that right now, the only thing I’m thinking about,… is, what ought I write about?

eappointments went LIVE for full-fledge production release, on July 15, 2020, Wednesday afternoon.

Millions of applications, if not hundreds and thousands of them are launched every day, everywhere?

You may ask, why am i so hyped up about this one?

Well, for the most part; Because this one seemingly simple but wildly complicated project has been the only highlight of my lockdown story thus far.

I ate, slept, dreamt, toilet-ed, brushed, bathe, literally breathe, .. breathe, … every single day on this one idea. Fuck!

Matter of fact, Fuck my story.

Because it’d be ridiculous to not speak of the spine, the heroes, of the main spartans who had happily, willingly, heartily, evenly, gleefully, bravely, selflessly — sacrificed, yes, fucking S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E.D all of their blood, sweat and tears for this supple and wonderful child born out of pure dedication and commitment to create the best enterprise software experience we know.

Again, because only because of these few good men and women, eappointments has had her unique flavor of stories — stories of breaking and creating, trying and failing, embarrassments and triumphs, exhaustions and excitements, peaks and valleys, … storms and the calm.

Only, because of these skilled and talented minds, eappointments suspires today.

Only, because of their utterly selfless, priceless and speechless love and respect for work, for their duties and responsibilities eappointments is beautiful!

Whence, today, I’d like to take the opportunity to secretly, silently, truly and heart-fully thank the heroes behind her making:

In alphabetical order,

Ms. Dhanusha Roka | Business Analyst

Mr. Kaushal Regmi | Frontend, ReactJS

Mr. Rupak Chapagain | Backend, Java

Ms. Sabu Shakya | Frontend, ReactJS

Ms. Sauravi Thapa | Backend, Java

Ms. Smriti Mool | Backend, Java

Mr. Sudin Shakya | UI/UX

Truth be told,

I’m no hero.

You are!

One boy’s journey through words and mixtapes.