Ending can be beautiful.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

JP Saxe If the World Was Ending ft Julia Michaels

Endings are heartbreaking.

Endings slaps you; stabs you; swallows you; drowns you.

Endings makes you want to question — why me of all !?

And, sometimes, as horrible, as irrational and as stupid as it may sound, endings can make you want to end your life too.

I used to be afraid of having to feel someone leave, having to see someone die. Honestly, growing up as a kid, I use to wish no one died in my family! And, yes, I use to be a people pleaser as well.

But I reckon — life’s a death sentence mayte’. And the world outside is wild!

And, we’ll all end one fine day.

And, not everyone will be happy for you,.. with you.

Plus, despite that, the world will do just FINE!

Scouring through my own life’s pages:

I’ve seen many cold, dead bodies of my own disappeared in flames in front of me.

I’ve walked away from many relationship(s); ended countless friendship(s) too. Hurtful they be.

So to speak, I’ve let go of so many brain farts that shitted over me.

And, since my 2015 earthquake’s diary — purely out of gratitude, I’ve waved metaphorical goodbye to every day I’ve lived fully, happily, and many-a-times sadly too.


Endings can be beautiful.


Endings are beginnings too.

One boy’s journey through words and mixtapes.