Only less relationships graduate! ~ author.

Ranjha — B Praak | Jasleen Royal | Romy | Anvita Dutt

I write because of her.

I write because she knows how much I love it and would never let me quit.

I write because she waits.

I write because she inspires me.

I will keep on writing!




Exhaustion is cool. ~ Author

Tom Adams — Static

What’s real exhaustion?

For me, it’s when you start talking to yourself asking why be so brutal on yourself?

Yet, one part of me still says,

we are meant to get exhausted,

we are meant to grind as much as we can!

I am exhausted,






‘Focus’ is the new oil. ~ Author

Amaranthine — Joel Porter

Focus on your goal.

Focus on how you are spending your days.

Focus on how delicate and fragile your life is.

Focus on how blessed you are to be just ‘okay’ and breathing.

Please focus on your Focus!



There’re ordinary days and there’re fu**up ones. And it’s absolutely okay. ~ Author

Mumford & Sons — The Cave

Word of wisdom for this week:

Show up!

It’s already 10:40 PM.

“I’m not able to write a word”, I texted her.

My neck’s heavy.

I’m sleep deprived.

Super exhausted.

Mosquito bitten.




I ask what did I learn this last week?

I don’t feel like thinking either.

Perhaps, my mental bandwidth is done for the day.

Perhaps, this is just one of those ‘Fu**up days’.

I guess, I’ll leave you tonight with this beautiful gem by Late David Foster Wallace — This is water!

This is water (Short Video)

Full transcript and audio available here.







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